Blackjack strategy: divide, double, give up

There are three recurring actions in Blackjack at best casino in palm springs and it consists of splitting an integral hand to form two more, doubling the value of the hand by distributing a new card or giving up during the game to reduce losses, this is part integral to the rule of blackjack. However, doing these things is not always easy and it is essential to know exactly when they really represent a solution. Similarly, using them to shoot may cause the player to make unavoidable mistakes.

To divide

By “Divide”, we mean that the player has two cards of the same value and that the latter wishes to separate them to form two specific hands. The player then makes an additional bet and the dealer gives him a new card, which he will be free to place on the hand he wants. This technique is interesting when the player has a starting hand composed only of pairs. By separating your pairs, you create an extra hand and increase your chances of winning. This method can be effective for pairs of 6, 7 or 8. However, if you have a pair of 9 or 10 it will avoid doing so. Divide a pair of aces is also an interesting process.


“Doubling” means that the player wants to buy a new card. To do this, he will have to make an additional bet. If the player has a hand with a 3 and a 7, he has 10 points in total. By betting an additional amount, the player shows the dealer that he intends to “double up”. If the dealt card turns out to be a queen, the player will now have 20 points, which is a good draw. Nevertheless, please note that this process is interesting when the player totals 10 or even 11 points and when the visible card of the dealer is a small sum – less than 6.

To abandon

“Abandon” means that the player makes the decision to lose half of his initial bet and does not want to see the card face down from the dealer. If the player has a hand worth 15 points and the dealer has a Jack-his face-down card has not been revealed yet, the player may lose if the hand he draws is too strong. It is desirable for the latter to give up. Thus, it limits its losses by agreeing to leave half of the sum put to the Bank. “Abandon” is effective when the player already has a hand whose value is too strong: it is the appropriate solution so that it can preserve a little bit its budget.

The true count

With the man, nothing will never be perfect enough, sometimes it’s a rather unpleasant notion but sometimes it allows to go further, to better understand and in the game, it’s quite that, the proof with the true count. This term may not mean anything to you at the moment, but you will see that it is a concept that you will not let go of later. It is so easy to understand and easy to set up that you will not think twice before taking the time to learn this strategy . Let’s see what your blackjack specialists have in store for you.

Why use it?

The true count is a complement to the strategy of counting cards, so it is useless to learn if you do not master the first two strategies we saw together in previous articles. This is also what is extra in blackjack is that there are three well-defined strategies that help the player but that one does not go without the other, we mean that you do not You will not be able to master the count of cards if you do not know the basic strategy and you will not be able to set up the true count if you do not count the cards. We like the fact that this pattern is clearly written in the minds of the players so that they focus on the stages of their learning one after the other.

How to use it ?

You have two ways to use the true count , “true count” which also means in  “real account”, so you see there an idea of ​​refining the result you will get by counting the cards. Sometimes it’s hard to understand a strategy at first glance, but then you’ll see that our blackjack specialists have really made an effort and that you’ll have no trouble grasping all the terms and sequences in the game.

But as the blackjack strategies, you have understood, it will take time for you to say that you have the true count in hand. So do not hesitate to spend time on our site, to play the blackjack games that we make available and without any deposit of course, we are a casino guide and not a casino ourselves. Elsewhere, for those who love the land-based casino like best casino in palm springs, remember that we have a section that will allow you to find the closest to your locality.